Winter Layout

So everything is shifted around now after I spent what felt like most of the weekend moving electric fencing around. The sheep are now down munching away on the camping area and the bits of the forest garden that doesn’t have trees on it and the poultry and bunnies are all in the main pasture. The area under the tree and a substantial part of the top of the main pasture are having a well deserved rest. The largest duck pond has also been moved into winter retirement what with all the ice and everything. Alice fell in on Sunday too, I think as a result of the icey edge, think she has recovered but she seemed to like being cuddled in a towel to dry her off! The ducks are very disappointed with the removal of their paddling pool and keep standing in the vacated hole :-(. They will have to make do with the trays instead for a couple of months.

The sheep were a bit of a pain to move, they are very cautious and despite there clearly being lots of lovely grass through the hole in the fence, they were not keen at all to go through it. The had some visitors when I went out last night as the naughty goats had pushed through the fence again to join them. Mr D was not happy about this though and was quite helpful in pushing them back to their area (although this did take repeated attempts and at least half an hour). He was headbutting them and snorting, I’ve not heard him make a noise before. Hopefully they will stay put now I’ve tightened up the boundary.

So, this will be the configuration for a couple of months hopefully, unless something happens to mean we need to change it, will should give a bit of rest and an opportunity to harrow the top of the field when the ground isn’t quite so frozen.

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