Bunny 2

So Flo and Mac’s night of passion has resulted in more babies, at a rubbish time of year but never mind. Not sure how many there are but there they were this morning under an enormous pile of white fur, I’m amazed Flo has any left for her.

Bunny 1’s days are numbered now, which I’m a little sad about but this is the way it works. (Self Reminder). Depending on the weather/freezer arrival it may be Sunday or possibly between Xmas and the New Year. They are not huge but I think that’s because I’m comparing to Mac and Flo who are HUGE. If we had caught wild rabbits of this size we would be more than happy. They have got amazing coats too so if we can manage it Z is going to have a go at dealing with the pelts (sheep skins undergoing treatment at present!). It would be great to be able to use even more of them if we can.


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