Frozen without a freezer

The big freeze continues outside, but ironically we find ourselves in a situation of a lack of freezer space. The Lambs have filled up half the space in our little upright freezer, and the chest freezer isn’t coming until next week. The Muscovy ducks are long over due and are now eating a huge amount of food, and beginning to maraud around the pasture in a large 12 strong gaggle (not sure that is the right collective noun), and are generally making a nuisance of themselves.

So this weekend we will be despatching them, but 12 large ducks takes up a lot of space, so I am having to rethink. We have promised a couple of them for Christmas or NY to family, so I’ll leave them until nearer the time. Which leaves 10. My mum has offered to lend a little bit of freezer space, so maybe we can store a couple of roasting birds in there. I think we can handle 4 jointed birds in our freezer, so I think we can do 6-8 this weekend, leaving 4 for Christmas eve.

Despatching and preparing animals takes ages, so we really need to put aside most of the day on Saturday. I have ordered some green oak chips, as I want to try smoking some breast meat, but I’ll have to see if that has arrived. We may also hang a couple for a few days to see what effect that has on the flavour.

I feel like I have lots of unfinished projects on the go at the moment, so I aim to finish some off this weekend.

The weather has made our twice daily visits to the plot a little bit harder, especially the evening visit which is always in the dark. Last night I wore full ski gear again and this does keep you warm. I think we may be in for a long winter.


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