Collecting the Soay Sheep Meat

Today I went over to Leamington Spa to do some Christmas shopping, and as luck would have it, that route goes right past the abattoir we needed to collect the meat from. On the way back I popped in and picked up the two lamb packs. 18lbs for each lamb which is 36lbs of meat in total. Which is 16kgs. The kill and cut cost us £40, which gives us a per kg cost of £2.5. Which compares rather well with retail price.

Of course there are a few other costs, but nothing very significant, a bit of hay etc. From the two lambs, we have got the following cuts

shoulder x 4

Chops packs x 5

legs x 4

Breast rolls x 4

Liver x 2

Heart and kidney stew pack x 2

Each one of the above joints would be a generous portion for two people. The legs may go much further, difficult to tell until we have roasted them. This gives us 25 double portions of meat, which if we eat one portion a week, should last us until May 2011. This also works out as £40/25 double portions, £1.60 a meal and therefore 80 pence a portion. I am delighted with this cost:effort:output ratio.

36lbs of meat


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