First trip to the Abattoir

Took our 2 lambs to the abattoir this morning. We got up early and managed to get there by 8.30, which was good as it seemed to be backing up by the time we left at 9am. We reversed the trailer into the handling area, and picked up the lambs ourselves and carried them into through the door, where 2 men put the stunning kit onto their horns. We left at that moment just as they were about to press the stunning button. From field to abattoir in under 35 minutes, then from trailer to stunned (and therefore dead) within 1 or 2 minutes. This is the best we could have done for them, and they seemed calm throughout.

They are hanging the meat till Saturday and I am collecting the butchered boxes then. £20 a head. I also requested the skins which I  have now salted and am trying to learn how t home cure them. See the link below

Always a sad day, but I don’t feel too bad at the moment. The speed of it all makes me feel better, ideally I would like to home slaughter them, but rules and regs make that very difficult.


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