Catching Soay Sheep

Today we caught the lambs who are going off for meat tomorrow. We had read loads of stuff about how difficult it is to catch Soays and every sheepy person we have spoken to sucked their teeth and shook their head at the thought of catching these little wild criters.

I have been worrying about this for months, so we both took the afternoon off to make some time and space for a stress free catch. We have been feeding them in a catch pen, so the plan was to stand as close as we could and then flip the pen closed when the lambs were in. Which worked fine except one managed to squeeze passed me. So to catch the other one, we use a non connected piece of electric netting and slowly made the space smaller and smaller until they were back in the catch pen.

The whole process took an hour, but I do think it was wise to allow plenty of time to keep the stress low for them and us.

D day tomorrow, off to the abatoir for the first time.


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