The first snow fall

Today was the first time we have had snow on the plot. Not a huge amount, but at least an inch. Snow causes a couple of problems on a smallholding like ours. Firstly if snow is in contact with the bottom of the electric fence, it shorts, making it less effective, or even useless. Also the water freezes in the animal drinkers and in the water pipes, which means we have to carry it from the house. So, we spent an hour thus morning clearing snow from the bottom of the fence. We also have decided to keep our spare drinkers inside the house and just swop them over every morning, which means even if it dies freeze, everyone will have a chance of getting a big drink in the middle of the day. I may also put some drinkers inside the houses as well.

We are having to provide hay fir the sheep and bunnies, as the snow makes grazing more difficult.

It’s really easy to buy loads of stock in the spring and summer without thinking about how much more difficult it will be in the winter. I don’t think we went too mad, but if I could have a word with my March 2010-self, I would say “Don’t get geese yet and don’t buy the Indian runners, you’ll have enough to do”. I don’t think Becs would agree, but that’s part of our problem, we are as bad as each other. E.g ” I been thinking, maybe we should get an elephant”!


4 responses to “The first snow fall

  • Auntie Sandra

    Never mind the elephants, how about some alpacas, they are really pretty, and they hum ( not stinky, singy sort of hum) they like the cold, and you can spin warm sweaters with the fleece to enable you to sort out the chickens etc in the snow. Sorted……………

    • ZH

      Yes but you can’t EAT them Auntie S! I have already been allowed Indian Runners as pets, I don’t think we can stretch to more petting zoo animals. Unless you fancy getting us some for Christmas, I think they are about £500 each and you have to buy 3 🙂

  • Sarah Fraser

    No chance of me getting my pony then…

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