Muscovy ducks as a cash crop

Just been having a think about how to produce a cash crop for next year and I am most confident about Muscovy meat. I am considering having a go at cold smoking and selling two large Muscovy duck breast steaks for £7.99 a packet, as a high end gourmet meat.

They costs us around £4 a bird to raise. Selling them as steaks means that we can skin rather than pluck, and we can use the offal and off cuts for our own purposes. If we produce 40 ducks in the year, this gives us £160 cash crop to pay for other feeds.


3 responses to “Muscovy ducks as a cash crop

  • Auntie Sandra

    I saw a program where some smallholders had adapted a smoker out of an old tin filing cabinet ( 2 or 3 Draw?) fire in the bottom, and racks further up. It worked really well and I have always wanted to try this out myself and smoke garlic, chicken, aubergine prawns, Nick, etc but never got around to it. I know you have plenty of spare time, so you may like to try it ?

  • Katie

    Do it! Mark brought some hot smoked duck home from work, seriously delicious. They’re sampling it for a salad, which will sell at about £15! Consider your first pack of steaks sold to me.

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