Meat Ethics

It’s been a hard weekend this weekend. We have dispatched another Muscovy and the killing is beginning to get to me. I think this lot has been harder because we haven’t done them all as a batch, we have done them one at a time and wecstill have 5 left. I have said to Becs that I think I need to do them all in one day, otherwise I end up having to kill something almost every weekend. 😦 It’s not that I think it’s wrong, but obviously it is stressful and unpleasant for me. We do all we can to ensure it isn’t stressful for them. It has made me question it, as it all feels so uneccasary, but I think this is just a wobble. The reality of meat production on a day to day basis is very different to just buying it in a supermarket. I spose it is inevitable that I will feel something, I spose that’s the point.


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