More new fluffy babies (with wings)!

So, when we did the calculation of when Virginia’s 12 eggs were due to hatch, and given that last time the calculation seemed to be a little short, i.e. they actually hatched in 38 days-ish rather than 35, we predicted a hatchling outbreak this weekend. However, clearly Virginia had other ideas because yesterday evening when I went to top up her food, she was cheeping more than usual and standing up slightly in her box. I rushed in there, expecting the worst, that a rat had got in somehow, or something similar, and was completely taken aback when I lifted the lid to find a bunch of yellow fluffies cheeping and staring back up at me. Following the inital amazement at how we could have been so wrong with the date, we had a good check over to find (yes another amazing thing), that all 12 eggs had hatched! Go Virgina (and Orlando and Vita)! Great bunch they are 🙂 Hopefully they will all continue to grow healthily into our next gaggle of meat muscovies. Yay!


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