So a couple of bunny related episodes to relay. The first being that we went ferreting for the first time in a while the weekend before last with A&S. Lovely day out in the sun in the Northamptonshire countryside, and my first go with an air rifle. Very successful too, I got both the o and the e of the coke can. No pigeons though, which was the point of taking it really. Only one bunny too, we worked some fairly large warrens and don’t have quite enough nets to cover the holes. Wild bunnies have an amazing knack of knowing which ones aren’t covered. We were down a ferret really too as we discovered a lump on albino boy’s neck so wanted to take it easy with him. Still awaiting the biopsy results from the vet on that, hoping it’s a gland rather than a tumour 😦 On the plus side, he seems chipper and entirely unbothered by it at the moment, so whatever it is it doesn’t seem to be causing him any discomfort.

Oh, we also discovered a shedload of shaggy parasol mushrooms, I think it is going to be a good season for mushrooms this year. Tasty.

And the second bit of news is that Flo successfully delivered 6 baby bunnies on Friday night. She seems absolutely fine and fairly relaxed about us checking her and them over. They are like little soft furry pink jumping jelly beans! They have teeny tiny bunny ears which has oddly surprised us. I had it in my mind that they would grow later, having only really seen newly born mice before. We are delighted at the number she has managed with her first litter and hope they all continue to thrive. Flo is eating manically at the moment to keep up with the feeding. We are trying not to interfere too much at the moment but once they are a little older we’ll get some pictures posted.


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