Muscovy dispatch

On Wednesday night we dipatch our first Muscovy drake. The birds had been growing for three months, and are now at near adult weight. It was very quick and I don’t think he had a clue anything bad was going to happen, so he was very calm. Always a sad day. However, I am pleased with the quality of the meat that we have raised, and this is the first birds to be bred, hatched and raised at Sence Meadow. He came out at a very respectable carcus weight of 1.7kgs which makes a nice roasting bird for two with enough scrap for another meal, or a Sunday roast for 4. We are going to try growing the rest of the stock on for a few more weeks. This one was very tender, so it will be an interesting comparision.

The birds are not at all greesy like normal duck, we practically had no roasting fat in the pan at all. The meat is lean, dark and mild. It does taste like a cross between duck and beef. It is very nice. It did take an age to pluck and prepare, but we have steralised the feathers (in the oven) for later use.


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