Runner Ducks/non laying hens

So we managed to get hold of the chocolate brown runner duck yesterday as I wanted to give it a cuddle basically, but it’s a bit like holding a furry banana. All three (Linford, Denise and Kelly) are all growing very well and have almost devoid of all fluffy duckling feathers now. They are around 7 weeks now, so won’t be laying for quite a while yet. In the meantime they will just continue to be entertaining in the pond they insist on trying to get into before I’ve refilled it. So surprising, ducks love water :-).

And speaking of laying, one of the naked necks we gave a reprive too (Marina) has not developed a favourable egg laying technique. Rather than going into the nest box in the day to lay a lovely egg, she instead waits until the evening, looks like she has indegestion, sits down and waggles her bum and lays a shell less egg. She then immediately turns around and pecks through the membrane to eat it, cue plenty of ridiculous scenes of hens chasing each other with bits of raw egg in their beaks. Suffice to say, sadly Marina will be returning to her original purpose as a meat bird this weekend. We can’t really afford to keep a bird who eats her own eggs, we already have one that doesn’t lay that we are still trying to indentify.

It does perhaps mean we can keep the Jenny/Naked neck cockeral chick that z likes so much if it is a hen instead. Speaking of which, they are all doing very well and becoming very independent. Probably not long before Mama T can rejoin the flock.


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