Pig Costs

I have been doing some research and by my estimations to buy and fatten, slaughter and butcher a 140lb baconer pig will costs us around £240.

This will give us roughly 63kg of pork. If we can get 3 other sets of people to buy in to each pig the scheme we can offer 1/4 pig packages for around £60. This will give share holders 15kg of outdoor, free range, natural diet pork for £60. If you compare this to super market (untraceable) crappola which sells at an average of about £6 a kg, depending on the cut this still gives you a massive saving…the crappola costing £90.

Happy pigs, happy pocket.

Add a comment if you are in, this scheme will possibly take off in the spring next year, you may be required to feed the pig on the odd weekend, you will be required to pay up front. We will keep 2 pigs so could have 6 slots available. You are effectively buying shares in a pig.


2 responses to “Pig Costs

  • Sarah

    as discussed WE’RE IN!!!!!!

  • Debs

    Hello. I love the idea of being a shareholder in a pig! However after much discussion, we feel that we could not effectively contribute to the weekend pig-sitting side of the bargain, and furthermore we’re not sure we have the freezer space for 15kg of pig 😦 So with great sadness, the Foxfields are out. If we ever invest in a chest freezer and there is enough space after the dead body is in, we will reconsider.

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