4 hatched

4 fluffy little chicks have hatched and I think it is unlikely that we will get any more. The other eggs aren’t pipping. Tina seems very pleased and I have fallen in love with the little black chick. ( oh dear). Tins is much more laid back than the ducks and I have been able to handle the chicks. Hopefully one of them will be a cockerill and we can continue the line. Amazing, those 6 little meat chicks havecturned into another batch!

The autopop hole has stuck since it’s rained, so it’s back to the drawing board. I think I need some metal parts as the wood swells.


3 responses to “4 hatched

  • auntie Sandra

    Hi you two, really look forward to your blog, am now wondering if we really want to move at all, or start again? Our sheep were sheared the other day and I told the shepherd about your Soays. Face pulled. So I told him all the reasons ,local etc. he said “Well at least you will know where to look for them when they get out” You cannot eat the little black chick! maybe it will get less attractive as it gets older, fingers crossed. XXX

  • Zara

    Lets hope the black chick is a hen. Yes….don’t move….. Hmm a bit worried about the Soays, but I think we might be in too deep now to pull out. If it doesn’t happen, we might go for North Ronaldsay instead.

  • Becky

    Auntie Sandra! No, you should stay, and we can trade animals 🙂 Then I won’t have to cry when you callously sell my childhood memories to someone else. The Soays haven’t arrived yet, all ready for them though. No doubt within a couple of months when they have caused carnage we’ll be wishing we listened to your scaremongering but in the meantime we will continue on with our ridiculous schemes…

    Oh, were your geese noisy? Our’s seem to be getting a bit more chatty. xxxx

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