Sitting ducks

This morning I went down to check Vita and unfortunately her 6 eggs have turned to 3. I sat and watched for a bit to see if I could work out what had happened and immediately 2 magpies appeared and squeezed through the bars of her run! This is very disappointing, we have shut her in for today and will sort something out tonight to stop this mugging. The ducklings should hatch today or tomorrow. Tinas brood is also going to hatch any day, so it’s all happening. The rabbits appear not to have made babies. We are stalling them until the autumn now as we don’t want tiny babies when we are spose to be going on holiday. (although we are having second thoughts about leaving the plot at all this year).

Virginna, orlando and the Indian runners have now moved in with the hens to the new area round the tree. They are herding into the shed at night with no problems.

The geese keep going upti the fence to chat to Olando, I think they miss each other, although Oli has been put on baby sitting duty by V. He is doing very well, he keeps the babies near him and keeps his eyes pealed for trouble.

One more meat bird is due to go this week. We are keeping the last 2. They are laying starter eggs now, so we are getting plenty of eggs.

The 7 meat muscovys are still in the arc in the main pasture with the geese. The geese are very protective of those babies and hiss at us when we go into the arc. They aren’t aggressive, but they have very strong patenting instincts.


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