We haven’t found that we are swimming in eggs, I surpose this is due to only having 6 hens, and 2 laying ducks. The ducks have been broody or nursing for months now, and what with Mamma T sitting on eggs, we only get 4 or 5 a day. We give a lot away as visiting gifts or in exchange for pallets, wood etc. I recon we eat about 12 eggs a week now in recipes or for dinner or breakfast. Anyway, the recipe below looks great, I haven’t tried it yet.

Also had a lovely egg curry at J and C’s the other night. Feel free to add the details as a comment!


One response to “Eggs

  • Claire

    Glad you liked my egg curry. Here’s the recipe for two small portions. Increase by half for a main course on its own with toast/pitta/chappati.

    1tbs veg oil
    1tbs butter
    1tbs medium curry powder
    1tbs paprika
    1tbs ground coriander
    1 chopped onion
    1 tin good plum tomatoes, chopped (not chopped tomatoes!! They are different, honest!)
    4 eggs, fairly well beaten
    Fresh coriander leaf to garnish

    Heat oil and butter and gently fry spices for a minute or two. Add onion and sauté gently until softened (don’t brown them).

    Add tomatoes and stir well, then leave on medium heat without stirring, until orange oil spots appear in surface.

    Add eggs into pan, and slowly combine by gently pulling spoon from edge to centre of pan – don’t be tempted to stir, as the eggs will get too mixed up with the tomato.

    Continue slowly pulling in from the edges for about 5 mins. The mix will look horrid until the last minute when they suddenly look like scrambled eggs!

    Sprinkle coriander leaf on top to serve. Buttered toast is very nice if no chappati or pitta bread.

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