It’s been on mind for the last week how much of our language has poultry routes, now more than ever I find myself thinking ‘oh.. That’s a farming saying, I never thought of it like that’.

Couped up
Pecking order
Birds of a feather flock together
Cocky ( not sure about that one)
Don’t count your chickens till they hatch
Good egg, bad egg
What’s ruffled your feather
Bantam weight
Cock eyed
You can’t make an omlet without breaking eggs
Running around like a headless chicken
Water off a ducks back
Getting your ducks in a row
I’m going to wring his kneck!

And if you widen it to all stock, the list goes on.

Till the cows come home
Black sheep of the family
Happy as a pig in mud
Make hay when the sunshine
Red sky at night shepard delight
Hogging it

It makes sence to me that more are to do with poultry, in the past so many people must have kept a few hens in their yard that these terms are completely intrenched in our language. Most people now have not sat on day 21 of a broody cycle waiting for the chicks to hatch and THEN count. It makes me smile that in the past this was so common evryone could relate to what was meant by the saying ‘don’t count your chickens’ …….


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