Veg garden progress

Animals are so much easier to write about, and looking back on the past 4 months I have negelected updating this blog about the veg garden.

The polytunnel looks like a jungle and next year we need to leave a bit more space between things. The sugar snaps are huge and we have been getting about a portion a day from them for the last few days. I’ll be interested to see how long the sugar snap harvest lasts. We still have loads of salad but aren’t eating as much now as we were. The 3 sisters pot that I planted from seed has worked really well and is fully grown now. We have moved that outside for some fresh air and to let the pollenators get at the corn to help it ripen.

The permenant beds have also come to life. The asparagus crown have nearly all worked which is great, we may even be able to harvest a few spears next year. The strawberries and rasberries are also giving us a portion of berries every other day. The flower bed has also worked. Beckys bulbs are coming up and we hope to be able to do a couple of vases of cut flowers by the end of the summer.

My annual beds are also coming on well. I more or less have 3 working now, so almost the same as an allotment. The top one is broadbeans ( almost ready), potatoes and a few onions. The second bed is leeks, kale and some over wintering brocole. The final bed, which is still only half dug is squash and soon chard.

I am now in the fortunate position of being able to find a little bit of fruit and salad and veg on most days.

I feel pretty pleased about all this, we are managing to remain chemical free and the battle with the weeds is not as difficult as I thought it might be. It’s so much easier to have a little whip round with the hoe when the plot is so near your house. I remember the slight dread with which I used to approach out allotment in fear of waste high weeds.

I Need to give some thought to what to sow now to ensure a good autumn and early winter harvest. Still, I have to keep reminding myself we have only been in for 4 months and Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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