It’s D day tomorrow he has now fertalised 8 eggs which are under Tina and he is making too much noise.

I am very sad to see him go and I can’t garantee that a few tears won’t be shead tomorrow. The not naming him has helped but not as much as I thought, he is such a character and I have enjoyed his company for the past 3 months.

Still, this is what it’s all about and as i recently read on the brilliant ‘ accidental smallholders’ blog- caring for the animals and being sad when they die is part of what humane husbandry is about. He has had the best life a meat chicken can have and he is going to make a fine table bird.

The girls still need a bit more time, ideally I would give him a few more weeks but the cock-a-doodle-doo ing has got to stop.


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