Some tips below learnt from the lovely James, our benevolent bee keeper, who is making a mini starter hive for us. See the pics below for our first field trip to see our little furry friends growing.


Start collecting in March, willow is good, one of the first things to flower. Second honey harvest end of august then them for varoa then feed in September.

Make sure they are on very level ground.

Don’t stand in the flight line, stand round the back of the hives.

Hessian bags for the smoker, not much smoke needed. Observation boards are good but can only be used in the summer.

Need more spares

Snelgrave swarm control board. Works as follows. When you see queen cells in swarm season Find a good frame with lots of very young brtod, and food. Put one frame with no bees in a new brood box and fill with empty frames. Then put this on top with a queen excluder inberween. When some nurse bees have climbed up into it during the day swap the brood boxes over.


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