Randy rooster

Last two eggs weren’t viable so our final duckling total is 11. Becs put a little pond in which they are really enjoying. Virginia is getting much better about us being near them but we are basically leaving her be.

Our little rooster is busy mounting everything with a pulse at the moment but some the laying birds aren’t happy about the attention. We are thinking of entering carmen into the chicken olympics as she seems to be able to outrun him. He has mostly mated with Jenny, so we will be trying to identify which eggs are jennys and put them under tina, this could lead to some more hens either for meat or laying. Not sure how loud the rooster will get, so he may still end up in the pot as my mum had decided not to have him. He is a lovley looking fellow and I will be sorry to see him go, but equally he will make a great eating bird.

One response to “Randy rooster

  • auntie Sandra

    Hi You two, have spent so long reading your blog that I am quite exhaused. Too tired to enter any words of Auntie wisdom. Can I come and live with you? Caught a squirrel this a.m. in our trap, Nick cannot kill it so we are off up to the woods now.


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