Too many things for one title

Oooh, so many things going on. World Cup, Wimbledon, nice weather.

So, bit of a run down of the last few days. We got the shed delivered on Saturday morning, after a bit of a kerfuffle with the Argos man who insisted that what he had delivered us was our shed and not a childs play barn. Him ‘Well you’ve got 30 days to return it if it’s wrong’. Me ‘Well it is wrong’. GIVE ME MY SHED. I didn’t actually say the last bit. Only in my head. You may have noticed that Saturday was a bit breezy, which was a great day to basically make a solid plastic sail we thought. All went surprisingly ok though and we haven’t killed each other in the process. It’s now up, and with a couple of small adjustments the perches that we bought on ebay are now in and ready to move over the hens, ducks and geese to their new pasture. More electric fence ordered now but it hasn’t arrived yet. Besides which, they would be competing for space with the baby little owl that is living in the tree in the middle of that area. We spend Sunday evening watching him attempting to fly in various directions with mum and dad squawking away. Not too sure if this is part of the process of owl fledging but he seems to be ok. He was hanging upside down from a branch at one point like a bat, until a crow came and knocked him off. He was sitting in the grass when we got home from work yesterday and I took a pic on z’s phone so will upload at some point.

The other thing I did alot of at the weekend was strimming with my new strimmer (thanks mum and dad!) which is great and the grass is now a bit more under control following Diedre’s illness.

And, the best news, is that as of this morning we had 5, yes 5, ducklings. I have no idea if they are muscovies or IRs as I was too busy holding Virginia up while she pooed in her water bowl to look properly. Hopefully it’s a mix and there will be more to come πŸ™‚ Aah, they are very cute, she has done a far better job than us. Hopefully pictures to follow!

No eggs yesterday, I think mama T is getting broody, which is stopping the others getting in the nest box. Will see what we have later.

And, lastly, the meaty cockeral has found his voice. Definitely some proper crows this morning. So he will either be for the pot fairly soon, or, if Z gets her way, he’ll get a reprise and will be residing at the grandparents instead. I hope this is not a taste of things to come.

All this and I’ve negotiated my work contract to 0.92FTE. BRILLIANT!


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