Deerdree is coming home

she coming home, she coming home..Deerdrees coming home. It is the world cup this week, so thats about as footbally as I intend to get. The John Deer is being delivered back to us this morning, its only taken 2 1/2 weeks to fix!!!! Parts of the plot look like a wild meadow and I am hoping today is dry to I can begin the big tidy up before the inlaws arrive tomorrow.

Hens went off lay for a day ( all of them) and then starting layin again yesterday, not sure what upset them, but I think it might have been the geese. I have penned Vita in today in the hope that she might go broody, as Virginia has only got one week left till the ducklings are born. Orlando looks a bit sad roaming around on his own, but hopefully within a few weeks Virgina can join him and keep him company.

All else is well. The geese seems to be moulting, so I am not convinced we will get any eggs to incubate this year, but they are very pretty. I will upload some more animal pictures soon. I had a look back over the blog and didn’t find that many, so I must take some more pics.


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