Chicken Run and pop hole design

We have taken the executive decision to move the chickens to a bigger shed, so all poultry except the geese and any broody bird will be in one unit. This should make cleaning out easier etc. We will be aiming to do this in the next few weeks.

I am trying to design a system that will automatically open the pop hole to this house in the morning, and then shut it again at a set time in the evening. I am completely wedded to the idea of a no carbon system using water weights and pulleys. This is partly because I am a very strange individual and also because the electronic ones cost £150.

So here is my first design idea. The water drips through a pin hole in the bottle lid to gradually fill the bucket. The bucket them lifts the door, to close at night, swap the bucket for one with a tiny hole, and it will gradually drain and let the door fall. I will upload my calibration experiment, showing how long lit take for the water to drain out.


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