Joyful spring

Ho hum, the ups and downs have swung mostly to ups again. The weather is fantastic and being outside all the time is such a joy. Thanks Gill for your encouraging comments, it really helps to hear that we aren’t making too many mistakes.

All is well again now, the meat chicks are all looking much better, although all of the stock is feeling the heat and flopping around alot. The hens are all laying well and we managed to sell £5 worth of eggs this week, along with some salad. This will go some way to paying for the feeds. We have more than enough eggs for ourselves. The salad in the poly is growing faster than we can cut and eat it, so my food bills have definitely gone down. Can’t wait to be able to harvest some meat. I will really feel like a proper small holder then.

Becs and I have decided that eggs and honey (veg when poss) will be our cash crops, these will hopefully pay for the feed to fatten the meat stocks for our use. The eggs are very hassel free and seem to be easy to sell and transport.

Hopefully our neighbours will be moving their goat house this weekend, so we may have some new pictures to share by next week.

Our broody muscovy Virginia is such a little star she is sitting on 11 eggs, we are going to add 4 runner duck eggs this weekend to her clutch and cross our fingers.

I still can’t believe we are living the good life. We have to keep pinching ourselves.

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