On the other hand..some good news

Becs and I have both been saying that smallholding is real rollercoster of emotions, you seem to be dealing with life and death more than in a normal existance, and you have so much responisbility, one mistake can lead to illness for your animals. All I can say is that we are trying our best to get it right and keep everyone well.

The good news is that the muscovey duck Virginia has gone broody. She is now sitting on a clutch of 8 eggs, and we hope that she may add a few more to that total. So fingers crossed, we may have some ducklings before the end of June.

The other piece of good news is that we have some nice new neighbours who have asked if they can keep their pygmy goats on our land. We have given this a lot of thought, and have decided to say yes. Partly because we want to be able to help, but partly because we think that having some friends near who might be able to help us out from time to time could be good. We have worked out a peppercorn rent, and the goats coudl be moving in as soon as this weekend, which is pretty exciting. Anyway, watch this space…I will post some pics when I have some.


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