Muscovy Ducks Arrive

The ducks arrived yesterday on Becs birthday. They are a lovely Trio and we have named them Orlando, Virginia and Vita. Orlando is huge! He has already got to work fertalising the girls, so we hope to hatch some ducklings this spring. They seem very lazy, they seem to just sit about hardly eating anything. Getting them to go to bed was a challenge, Orlando barged straight through the chicken wire funnal we made to herd them into the duck house, we managed to get them in on the third attempt. Hopefully it will get easier tonight.


2 responses to “Muscovy Ducks Arrive

  • Korin

    You better right down all the tricks you have learned about getting them to bed for us!
    Makes me laugh…it’s more complicated than the instructions I used to write out for family looking after Freya!
    What is candling and why do you do it to your eggs?
    We’ll buy 6 eggs for a pound every week.

    • ZH

      Candling is when you put the egg in front of a bright ligth so you can see throughit and see the emrbio developing.

      Don;t worry the ducks have started to behave now…they are super clever and learn very quickly.

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