The first bag a layer pellets is about to run out, so I recon that make it 2 weeks. The bag cost us £3.75, which by my calculations means that the 6 laying hens are costing us about £2 a week. Which means if we can sell 2 boxes of eggs a week we are keeping them for free. Free eggs for us. None of them have really started laying much, we have had a sporadic handful of eggs, but they are all still a bit young, I recon in a another couple of weeks we will have more. They are just so funny though, whenever I go into the paddock, they all rush over (especially ginger Carmen), and watch me doing what ever I have come in to do. Last night they watched me building a duck house, its so funny having a large feathered audience for my construction work. Tomorrow is beckys birthday and we are picking up 3 Muscovy ducks, this is going to cost us £75, but they are adults and should start breeding this season.  We are also going to candle our indian runner eggs to see if they are working….All very exciting.

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