New arrivals

Went on a fantastic despatch and dress course this weekend, this cost us £30 each, but was really useful. Check out Gills website for lots of useful info on hens, ducks and rabbits.

Brilliant teacher who showed us some really good quick and humane methods. We also picked up lots of stock. See below.

£90 for 6 laying hens..

£15 for 6 meat chick at 5 weeks old..

£45 for a breeding trio of rabbits..

4 dressed birds for cooking (£32)

Still trying to make up my mind about the cockril situation, we have a 5 week old boy at the moment (I think), so he will stay as long as he doesn’t make too much noise, and then he will have to go in the pot,  he may get old enough to fertilise some eggs before then, or not.

The laying hens have settled in really well, we have one egg already! The girls are called: Bet, Tina, Tasha, Alice, Jenny and Carmen. This will mean something to some people, and nothing to others!

The Rabbits, are also well settled in, and Becs has names them Mc Naulty, Laura and Florence.(don’t ask!).

We are, of course, not naming the meat chick.

It really feels like a real smallholding  now we have some livestock. It’s so exciting!!!!!! Might do a omlet for tea tonight!!!!


2 responses to “New arrivals

  • Tristram

    I’ve just spent ages Googling your references only to find that they are to trashy TV shows. Can you name future animals after humanist thinkers or academic sociologists to make my life easier.

    I thought you weren’t going to name them anyway

    • ZH

      Hmm humanist thinkers, maybe next time. becs girl rabbits are named after musicians. Florence and the machine etc. We just though it was funny to refer to a chiken as ‘my girl Tasha’.

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