Can’t sleep. I’ve been thinking about what one of our neighbours said about a complaint against the previous owner about his cockril being too noisey. It’s making me think about ducks again. Muscoveys in particular. I just found this link on the accedental smallholder, a muscovey breeder in Kettering. I think we will still go with the backed neck meat chicks, but maybe not to breed on, maybe just for meat stocks. Keep the laying birds and not bother with a cockril. Everything I read about muscoveys makes me think they will be easy and quiet, which might make for an easier stress free life for us. With rabbit and duck meat, we may not need chickens. I now need to find out what age cocks start crowing.

Re: Muscovy ducks and table chickens for sale
« Reply #5 on: March 22, 2010, 07:53:05 PM »
Hi, we have some hybrid light sussex X chicks, around 2 weeks old, still very small. All our eggs are currently being sat on. If interested in the chicks, feel free to call on 07545 999026. Thanks.


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