Edible Flowers

Taken from The Edible Flower Garden by Kathy Brown . The following is a list of edible flowers which might be useful in the 6. soil surface layer of a forest garden (Hart 1996).

Nasturtiums: self seeder. Grow in partial shade. Peppery taste which is excellent in salads.

Hollyhocks: Self seeder. Grow in a sunny sheltered spot. Good in fruit salad.

Evening Primrose: Self seeder. Sunny spot. 2 years to flower. Roots can be eaten, tastes like parsnip. Flowers can be eaten bud and mature flower. Fresh taste.

Sweet Rocket: Self seeder. Sun or partial shade. Mild lettuce flavour.


The following may be useful in the 4. Herbaceacous layer.

Borage: Partial shade or full sun. Used in savory jellies, decoration .

Pot Marigolds: (maybe even used in the 3. shrub layer). Sun. Slight peppery tasting petals. Can be dried in large quantiies to flavour soups.

Chamomile: Mat forming perennial. Sun. Tea.

Fennel: Sun. Root, leaves, seeds and flowers are edible.

Bergamot: Sun or light shade. leaves can be used for stuffing or tea. Petals have a strong spicy flavour so must be used sparingly.


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